Julia Headshot.png

Julia Gytri


Julia is former gymnast and competitive cheerleader who grew up right here in Austin. When she moved to New York for graduate school in 2011, she searched for new physical outlets to relieve stress and maintain balance. From running to cycling, yoga to Pilates, Julia paid serious attention to numerous disciplines. However, it wasn't until she dropped into her first barre class that she found exactly what she was looking for: having always held dance and dance conditioning in high regard, she discovered that barre gifted her an intense, full-body strength she'd never known while simultaneously allowing her mind to quiet down and relax.

Julia has coached teams and instructed various methods of group fitness for years, but joining the ranks of outstanding instructors at MOD is truly the highlight of her return to Austin. MOD's method, team, and dedicated clients form a community that shines brightly among the rest. Julia will provide you with one-on-one attention while keeping it light and fun in the group setting. One class with her will push the boundaries of your comfort zone. Burn today, recover tonight, be stronger tomorrow- Julia is your biggest cheerleader!