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Casey Lepper


Casey has been lucky enough to call Austin home for almost 20 years now. She loves all things fitness, health, passion and positivity. She fell in love with MOD because it feels so unique to other studios. It works the entire body as well as the small muscles that you forget you even have and is low impact so that individuals of all ages, with or without injuries, can tone and lengthen. In addition to being an instructor at MOD, Casey is a marriage and family therapist. She believes health and happiness involves both the mental and physical; a strong body creates a strong mind and vice versa. Casey's passion lies in helping people achieve the best version of themselves and she realized she could achieve this by not only working with counseling clients, but also working with people who find a strong mind through a strong body. She loves seeing clients push through their boundaries physically, thereby becoming more healthy and strong mentally. Casey's goal is to push each client to their threshold, the point where their body and mind start to change. Casey whole-heartedly believes in mind-over-matter and strives to get each client to believe it themselves. In Casey's free time, she runs or bikes Town Lake with her golden retriever, explores new restaurants, takes in all the music Austin has to offer, and travels into new places and cultures with her husband.