Jennifer Welch

Senior Instructor

Hailing from the yoga world, Jennifer brings her passion for health, fitness and a challenging workout to her MOD classes. Her active lifestyle has been a key pillar of stress relief and joy in her life. After meeting Marnie three years ago, Jennifer knew right away that her MOD method and the MOD Squad would be a perfect fit for her. To Jennifer, the MOD method is an intense, fun workout, and brings a great amount of strength training, toning, cardiovascular work, balance, focus, sweat, compassion, healing and stress relief. Jennifer's motivation comes directly from her MOD clients, who work their tails off and always come back looking for more. Jennifer craves the inevitable “burn”, and is always excited to bring her positive energy and enthusiasm to MOD. She feels blessed to be a part of this community, and knows that these are lifelong friendships that make the 'sweat' even sweeter. Out of her workout clothes, you will find Jennifer working hard in residential real estate.