Jessica Hastings


Jessica found barre in 2015 when her running routine just wasn’t cutting it as she was entering the workforce in New York City. She found barre to be the perfect compliment to cardio; the newfound strength she had from barre enhancing her performance in all other activities. In 2017, Jessica thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail. After an injury to her abdomen from the strenuous hiking, Jessica found her way back to Austin and to the barre and embraced its joint-healing benefits as she started taking Mod classes. She fell in love with the innovative, heart-pumping format at Mod and was amazed with how quickly it aided in her recovery. Jessica decided to share her love of barre by getting behind the mic, and loves using barre to help other clients overcome and prevent injuries while also making her classes athletic and sweaty. She is passionate about finding the movements and exercises that work for each individual client in the studio, so outside of the studio they feel stronger and more invigorated in all other aspects of their lives.

You can find Jessica in her garden plot at her local community garden, running and hiking on all of Austin’s beautiful trails, or spending summer days on the boat at Lake Travis.