Kelsey Heineman


Kelsey grew up in New Jersey and moved to Austin after attending college in Rhode Island. Trained as a competitive dancer and continuing her dance education through college, Kelsey has always been fascinated by kinesiology and has a passion for training her instrument. After trying just about every workout Austin has to offer, including marathon running, Kelsey always found herself coming back to barre and the athletic, body conscious approach of MOD Fitness. Toning the body through targeted, intense exercises (to some killer music, of course!) is what makes MOD so effective and is what drew the dancer in Kelsey to begin teaching. When not at MOD, Kelsey works full time in non-profit outreach and can also be found taking classes at Ballet Austin, kayaking on Town Lake, or being extra nerdy with her book-of-the-month. Barre has given Kelsey results that not even 26.2 miles could, and she is so excited to help you achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals by dancing, sweating, and shaking it out at the barre.