MOD - Paige  FIsher

Paige Fischer


Originally from Winston Salem, North Carolina, Paige moved to Austin, Texas 5 years ago. Paige has always had a passion for an active lifestyle including surfing off the coast of Wrightsville Beach, NC, wake surfing on the lake and generally anything on the water and in the sun, which drew her to the sunny outdoors of Austin, Texas. Her mentality that living your healthiest and best lifestyle should always be enjoyable and not a chore or unattainable goal. Movement and fitness should be something that brings you peace and happiness which is an environment she strives to promote for any level of client that walks into her class. After attending classes at MOD for over a year, she immersed herself into the MOD training method to share with those around her the improvements and strength the athletic approach to barre had on her body and mind. As a former teacher, Paige enjoys instructing clients through up-beat music, and personalized attention to detail by encouraging clients to reach new goals and leaving with a sense of accomplishment.

She lives by the mentality, “create new habits, meet new people, try a new routine, wake up earlier. There are too many possibilities in life to be doing the same thing.” Paige is excited to be a part of the MOD Team and help others reach their fullest potential, mentally and physically.

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