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Stephanie Ferguson


Stephanie has been a movement enthusiast her whole life and has been teaching classes, workshops and private clients for over fifteen years. She is trained in various techniques including pilates, yoga therapy and kettlebells. She brings an analytical edge to her teaching and seeks to empower clients to experience how their movement patterns affect their workout so that they can make the right decisions for their bodies. Stephanie found barre after her daughter was born and was immediately hooked by its focus on precision. She loves the way that barre workouts naturally work to realign the musculo-skeletal system through single-joint movements that target smaller muscles as well as whole body integration. She believes that functional movement patterns are what drive a slim and toned physique because an aligned body with freedom of motion and reduced joint friction can choose how much force to generate and where to direct it. Stephanie’s classes are focused on practicing each exercise from an optimally-aligned position while staying lighthearted and fun. She found MOD after moving back to Austin after a decade in Manhattan and loved Marnie’s positive vision and dedication to high-standards. She has two young children and spends lots of time reading and writing about movement, philosophy and personal development.