Mary Margaret Roark


Fitness has always been an integral part of Mary Margaret’s life as a way to maintain both a healthy physique as well as mental clarity. Shortly after moving to Austin, Mary Margaret was introduced to MOD. Her addiction was instant. MOD presents a motivating, sustainable, effective fitness method that constantly introduces new challenges to help push your body to new heights. Not only did she immediately see changes in her body unlike any other workout, but she also benefitted from the stress relief, group fitness aspect of the MOD community. Finally, working out was enjoyable again! As an instructor, Mary Margaret wants to share that same discovery with each of her clients. She strives to deliver a challenging class that helps each client push their body to new heights, leaving each class with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Outside of Mod, Mary Margaret is a civil defense attorney, but in her spare time she loves being outside with her golden retriever, Judge, and being a total foodie. Mary Margaret loves how every ounce of energy devoted to a MOD workout repays her body and mind two-fold. She can’t wait to see y’all in class and let you see the MOD difference for yourself!