Alejandra Bracero


Fitness has always been an important part of Ale's life. From a young age she stayed active through swimming, sports, and running. In college, Ale discovered the wonderful world of group fitness and never looked back. While she had tried a few barre classes here and there, it wasn't until she moved to Austin and discovered MOD that she fell in love with barre. A self-proclaimed endorphin junkie, Ale found MOD's workouts to be fun and effective; giving her that coveted post-workout bliss while remaining lower impact. She also felt a strong connection to the sense of community MOD cultivated. Impressed with the strength she was building, Ale kept coming back for more and, a little less than a year after becoming a client, she realized it was time to share her love for barre with the rest of Austin. Ale is passionate about wellness and helping others, which can be seen both in and outside of the studio. She hopes you leave each class feeling accomplished and grateful for all the hard work your body is capable of doing. We are all given one life, one body, and it is our job to take care of it. Take an hour out of the day to do something good for yourself and come push your limits in one of Ale's classes!