Brita Wallace

"I've been a horseback rider (hunter/jumper) my whole life but I could never get into more traditional working out. I found barre during law school when I didn't have quite as much time to ride but I needed a good, quick stress reliever. I was immediately hooked. After my local barre studio closed, I was worried I wouldn't be able to find a studio in Austin to fill its shoes. I was wrong--MOD is everything I could hope for and I love that I...


Brooke Johnson

"I spent the majority of my twenties either not working out or convincing myself I liked to workout. I tried everything but never found anything I loved or was motivated to continue. I figured working out would be something I did because I ate queso but never something I loved. I danced for ten years growing up so when a friend invited me to her barre class a few years ago I was excited to try something somewhat familiar. Immediately,...

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Meg Dowdy

"Before I was introduced to MOD, working out was just something you did because it was good for you, like brushing your teeth or eating your vegetables. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I lifted weights at the gym after 30 minutes or so on the elliptical while Tuesdays and Thursdays were reserved for walking or jogging around Town Lake. I never felt challenged and I hardly ever broke a sweat. My routine essentially had been the same for...

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Rachel Collier

"When I first came to MOD Fitness last year, I was looking for a workout that I would enjoy. I was over workouts that I dreaded and that just bulked me up. I wasn't very active anymore and I knew that I needed to make a healthy change in my life. I heard that the most effective workout was something you actually enjoyed, "something that will make you better." I found this and more at MOD. My first class (and even my second) was much...

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Corra Dunnigan

"Working out on a regular basis has always been an important part of my life, going all the way back to playing sports in grade school and beyond. I am the type of person for whom "diet" is a four letter word, and because I enjoy eating, it is all the more important that I maintain an active lifestyle. I am originally from Denver, so it has always been very easy for me to find different activities to help keep me in shape, whether it be...


Olivia Brown

"I’ve struggled with weight my whole life. 5’2 is not the ideal height for extra pounds! While I wouldn’t say I was ever incredibly overweight, I always have felt like the short “chubby” girl surrounded by all my taller skinny friends. Lets put it this way, I rarely leave the house without a pair of minimum 3 inch heals or wedges on! I’ve tried everything from pills, to shakes, to juicing, to crazy diets and even starvation. Even, though very...