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Rachel Collier

"When I first came to MOD Fitness last year, I was looking for a workout that I would enjoy. I was over workouts that I dreaded and that just bulked me up. I wasn't very active anymore and I knew that I needed to make a healthy change in my life. I heard that the most effective workout was something you actually enjoyed, "something that will make you better." I found this and more at MOD. My first class (and even my second) was much harder than I had anticipated but I enjoyed the challenged! After Marnie's first MOD challenge, I was hooked! During every class I am in a competition with myself, striving to make myself better. I love the feeling when I realize that I'm doing something today that I couldn't do even yesterday. I've seen my body change and I've gained endurance. Because my core is so much stronger, things like paddleboarding are a lot easier. I have more stability and strength. Aside from the physical benefits I've gotten out of MOD, there is a wonderful sense of community in the studio. The instructors actually get to know you and care about your progress. They take the time to learn your name and call out encouragement throughout the class. The instructors can give you modifications so that the class meets you where you're at in your fitness journey, but they also urge you to challenge yourself and push past what you think is your limit. They tell you that you can do it and you can!"