Brooke Johnson

"I spent the majority of my twenties either not working out or convincing myself I liked to workout. I tried everything but never found anything I loved or was motivated to continue. I figured working out would be something I did because I ate queso but never something I loved. I danced for ten years growing up so when a friend invited me to her barre class a few years ago I was excited to try something somewhat familiar. Immediately, something changed for me and I was hooked. Barre became such a part of my life that I would often pass on lunches and happy hours so I could make class. In November, my barre studio closed! I didn’t see how anything could compare and figured I would end up doing barre alone at home. Our previous instructor pointed us towards MOD and a group of us ventured out to try the new studio. After my first class with Marnie, I knew I had found something special. For years I heard people talk about their workouts like they were discussing a friendship. They loved it and I just didn't understand what they meant. Now, I'm in class as often as possible and going twice a day isn't abnormal. MOD really is everything I was looking for. Every class challenges me to push beyond my fictitious limits. It has become my therapy (in every way); it's the hour of my day that is only for me. Every time I walk through the door I know I will have my tail kicked AND enjoy every minute. I'm stronger than I've ever been and started noticing changes in my body almost immediately. The whole MOD family: Marnie, her team of instructors, and all the MODsters encourage me to do MY best each class. What more could I ask for?"