Brita Wallace

"I've been a horseback rider (hunter/jumper) my whole life but I could never get into more traditional working out. I found barre during law school when I didn't have quite as much time to ride but I needed a good, quick stress reliever. I was immediately hooked. After my local barre studio closed, I was worried I wouldn't be able to find a studio in Austin to fill its shoes. I was wrong--MOD is everything I could hope for and I love that I get to continue supporting a local business. I've been a MODster for over a year and I've noticed huge changes in my body and the way I feel. My horse riding has improved even though I don't have the time to ride as often as I'd like. I survived the bar exam thanks to many stress relieving workouts at MOD. Now that I'm a lawyer, I'm able to sit at the computer all day without any of the back pain that bothered me before I improved my posture by working out at MOD. What distinguishes MOD from other barre studios in Austin is the constantly evolving routines and the dedicated instructors. No matter how consistently you come to class, the workouts will still be challenging and you will continue to see results. The instructors all have their own twist on the classes--I go to some knowing my glutes will burn the next day, and others knowing I'll barely make it through the plank series. The instructors seem to take pride in coming up with new and challenging variations on traditional barre routines. They are high energy and passionate about helping you achieve your fitness goals. I am grateful that MOD has become a part of my neighborhood!"