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Corra Dunnigan

"Working out on a regular basis has always been an important part of my life, going all the way back to playing sports in grade school and beyond. I am the type of person for whom "diet" is a four letter word, and because I enjoy eating, it is all the more important that I maintain an active lifestyle. I am originally from Denver, so it has always been very easy for me to find different activities to help keep me in shape, whether it be skiing, biking, running, or even the occasional day at the gym. When I moved to Austin after getting married a little over 2 years ago, I found two things to be particularly challenging for my body-all of the incredible food this city has to offer, and very few options in the way of a gym...at least that I liked, and could bring myself to go to on a regular basis. In fact, I checked out all of the gyms in the central Austin area, and didn't like any of them...AT ALL. If you are going to spend several hours a week at a gym, or wherever you choose to work out, you certainly want to enjoy it as much as you can, and this was becoming a challenge-as was fitting into my clothes! While I remained active, I was having a lot of difficulty finding the motivation to go to the gym most days (and let's face it, Austin's long summers are not exactly ideal for outdoor excercise). I was pretty frustrated, but had just come to accept that I would have to grin and bare the gym as it seemed like the only option. Then I discovered barre-and my workout routine had forever changed...for the better. I took one of Marnie's classes before she even opened her studio, and after my first session, I went home and quit the gym that day...I was hooked. I also couldn't walk for a day or two, and can't remember the last time felt that kind of (good) pain! I began going on a regular basis, and actually started to notice some real changes in my body. I have always been fortunate to be able to build muscle, and my arms were, for the most part relatively defined-but it wasn't until after joining MOD that I noticed how much more defined my arms were, but in a longer, leaner way...not to mention my abs! I am currently 8 months pregnant (I should mention that before I got pregnant I had a 6 pack for the first time in my life!) and I have still been able to do just about everything that the MOD workout offers, with the exception of having to do modified abdominal work. My body still feels strong, which I know will be very important during delivery. What I really love about the MOD workout is that it changes daily, and it is always incredibly challenging-and that was the case before I became pregnant. The instructors are all awesome, and it is always nice to see familiar faces when I go to class. The pregnancy has honestly been a difficult transition for me as far as how my body is constantly changing and growing every which way, but I will say that having been able to continue with my MOD workout has made it so much easier. I always feel better after every class, and I think that because I have been able to stay active throughout this pregnancy, my mind and body remain strong. I am also much more confident that I will be able to bounce back into shape after the baby comes as a result of this fantastic workout."