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Susie Gibson


Originally from Macon, Georgia, Susie moved to Austin two years ago and immediately immersed herself into the Austin culture. Coming from an instructor background, Susie was immediately drawn to the athletic approach and fast pace style that MOD offered. Susie discovered barre in 2015 after a car accident that led to limited mobility, as a form of low impact workouts for recovery. Barre fitness helped strengthen and tone muscles more efficiently than any other workout. Susie’s classes are fast-paced, upbeat and strive to get her clients to feel motivated, leaving MOD feeling positive and accomplished.

When not at MOD, Susie is finishing up her studies as a Master of Architecture graduate student at the University of Texas. Alongside her studies, she works at a local architecture firm in Austin. In her free time, Susie is a local artist, who’s specialty is painting anddrawing bright, vibrant pieces.